Clearent Campus

The Problem

We had two software services for sharing information with our internal and external / ISO sales teams.

  • Brainshark for our internal teams, which we were paying for features we did not use, has a pay-per-user cost, and a clunky interface.
  • Sharepoint for external / ISO sales teams, which is just plain terrible.


We wanted to share our internal resources with our external ISO teams, but the pay-per-user made that cost extravagant. So we were originally just going to move our ISO users to a wordpress-hosted resource share-site. Than… COVID. Pursestrings got tighter, direct team needed to relearn how to sell terminals, and we needed a resource that could make both of that happen.

The Solution

Building out our own custom Learning Management System, called Clearent Campus, became our magic bullet. By moving to our own hosted solution, we would

  • Create a single repo for our sales information
  • Eliminate the per-user pricing, opening up our sales courses to ISO partners
  • Create a fully searchable database of our sales resources
  • Create a hub for internal news and announcements


  • This idea came about when we moved to WP-Engine. At the level we needed, we had 8 sites available and a lot of overhead for traffic and user space. Really made development easier.
  • The backend is managed in WordPress, with LearnDash running the LMS section, Download Manager organizing the library, and Ultimate Member helping us with the membership levels, as well as a number of other plugins.
  • We were able to create different user types to allow information to be decimated correctly, to make sure ISO partners don’t see internal content, and to allow individual coms to different user types.
  • The site is fully reportable. We can see course progress, group leader can assign curriculums to their team, and we can see how many downloads each piece gets. Furthermore, this content is fully synced with Pardot / Salesforce

The Results

  • After on-boarding, our internal sales team was really impressed by the ease of use and course tracking. While Brainshark was seeing 40% completions on new training courses, Campus is seeing 80%.
  • While Sharepoint saw around 70-100 downloads a month from our ISO partners, we are seeing around 350-400 per month on Campus.
  • This is turning into a better sales experience and more trained sales teams in the field. The release of our newest terminal tech saw a 30% sales boost out of the gate when we ran training out of Campus vs our old release strategy.