Digital Marketing

Forget the price or ubiquity. The magic lies in digital marketing's flexability

Experiment. Test. Assess. Improve.

If your business hasn’t done much outside of setting up a Facebook page and sporadically tweeting, then you’re missing out. There are many untapped resources out there, both traditional and non-traditional, and I’m there to help you uncover them. From smart boards across your city, to location-based social networking and promotions, there’s an untapped networks out there where you can spread your message, and see the metrics to make sure you’re getting a piece of the action. I can help you, by either pointing the way or breaking open the laptop to design and code myself.  

Running an effective content marketing campaign doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours writing blog posts or creating infographics in photoshop. I can show you how to leverage current company resources like newsletters, customer reviews, event coverage, and social media activity to create shareable content that you can reuse again and again.

Social media can be a beast to deal with if you don’t have a sound strategy at the beginning and a understanding of your target market. I can help evaluate your current situation and show where your audience lies, what media they’re using, and how to make your organic message as efficient as possible.

If you don’t know your market, you’re wasting time, effort, and cash. Digital marketing is all about understanding what your audience is looking for and where they are active. I can show you what opportunities are available in this space to put your message in a advantageous place, and even suggest some channels that might surprise you!