Signature Settings

Signature Settings is a great example of project management, asset and build organization, and thinking one step ahead when it comes to your client. This project was the family side project for a gentleman who was a VP at the supplier for this plasticware, and his sons (college students) and wife were the main report. Because of this interesting dynamic, it took a concerted effort to keep them hooked into this project, which meant a lot of planning ahead of time. When talking to them about the database upload, we gave the sons templates to follow, and a photoshop script to automatically resize images to spec. And when we were lucky enough to get everyone under one roof, we took an effort to focus on timelines, working around our development schedule and their kids classes.

There was over 500 products in their catalog, many very similar to each other, and every image needed to be resized and edited to some extent. I never thought I’d memorize the brand name and specifications for spoons, but here we are. The client also wanted to build out custom landing pages for different categories (wedding, birthday, holiday), and some sort of custom artwork on each landing page to match the overall theme and style. I think our product database, including thumbnails, ended up being close to 750 mb of data, not including the custom products.

In addition to this, they had about 50 stock design assets for their plates that needed to be hand vectorized, outlined so there was no fills, and resized to fit the different kinds of custom plates. Overall, a very difficult build where a massive organizational structure and diligence was needed, but in the end, we launched a successful store. I really wish this was one of those products that I could of kept improving, but the dad’s company wanted to integrate this system into his companies current store, and we couldn’t come to an agreement on our estimate, so we handed over the keys. This site no longer exists, but I haven’t seen this customization system on their site yet.