This project had unseen circumstances that created some deviations from the original plan. Some of these conferences are limited by size, or by cost for booth space, so there wasn’t a “one size fits all” solution for the presentation board. I decided to break it up into three boards, where the middle board can be used as a stand alone, but the other two can be added if needed. (These were sized to fit on their 3-panel display stand, or stand alone on an easel)

As some of these conferences were part of a green building initiative, where full color handouts could do more harm than good. I created two handouts, one in full color, and one in simple black and white. Both small and proportioned to show we used as much of the paper as possible, and printed on recyclable paper.

Finally, the original plan was to have a demo station with laptops where guests could sign up for an account, but some of the conferences did not provide Wi-Fi. To solve this, I created a background presentation, meant to be ran without a speaker, showing the site being demoed without the need for a web connection. The staffers would then gather emails for personalized invites.

All of this was followed with a strong social push. While contracted by HomeNav, I established their brand on Facebook and Twitter, developed an audience from scratch, and created a content calendar for the team to follow, keeping the content alive and the traffic heading to the site. This was also supplemented by email marketing strategy, which had a better outreach to the taret market, and the list grew with all of the conventions HomeNav was featured at.
(Assisted on Strategy, Graphic Design and Print Production, Digital Strategy)

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