Type: Social Media Strategy and Development, Event Promotions, On-Site Advertising

Created for: Dos Luna’s Tequila (50 in the 314, contracted through Scorch Agency)

Objective: Promote this high-end tequila brand on Social Media, as well as run on-site and event promotion in the St. Louis area.  

Dos Luna’s sought us out wanting to increase their reach in the midwest market and a overhaul of their social media efforts. We created and executed events at bars across St. Louis and the midwest, efforts including:

Sponsoring key events in the St. Louis area, including Cinco De Mayo at Hacienda, and the Cinco De Mayo weekend festival on Cherokee Street.

Tweet walls: Using Tweet Wall Pro, we set up an account to broadcast tweets with the hashtag #DosLunasDeMayo. We then created instructions showing distributors and bars across the nation how to access the system through their entertainment systems, or how to set on up on their own with a laptop.

Live Tweeting these events, with follow up on social, usuially pictures and video reviews.

On the social media side, we were tasked with making up for some of the shortcomings of a weak web presence. We decided to set up a fan-gate on Facebook, include an FBML “Mini Site” allowing users to learn about the different brands of tequila Dos Lunas produced, and tasty recipes using the liquor. Through Twitter and Facebook, we set up a constant posting schedule, including speciality-made graphics celebrating holidays and special occasions, and kept the conversation flowing with the fan-base. We saw steady growth through our efforts, gaining on average about 1,000 followers per month, with traffic increases to the website directly relating to our efforts on social media.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 9.58.58 AM

Dos Luna’s iFrame Demo (Not optimized for mobile)


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October 22, 2013