Deployed Resources

This was one of the first builds I was a part of at the Able Few, and it thoroughly impressed me that behind an agency famous for their technical know-how was a great design team to get their hands fully on a project. Deployed Resources gave us that chance. The design was military in concept, but became something that screamed “Quick and Effective Response” at the end. This design was fully responsive, showing the same experience on large screens to mobile devices. Part of this build was a “Base Camp Calculator”, where someone could easily put in their needs, and receive an auto-generated bid for their services.

As an account manager, there’s always a time where a client has a request that makes you go “can we really pull this one off?” We were requested to make the Base Camp Calculator a mobile app, iOS and Android. As an agency, we only dabbled in mobile builds, focusing on Ruby on Rails sites and web-apps. But, we had developers with experience on both platforms, we had the foresight to make the calculator work with the API’s needed, and the design assets still fresh on our minds. It basically came down to timelines and our relationship with the client. We asked the client for a looser timeline than with the website build, and the understanding that this was not our forte, but we were confident in our abilities. By opening up the lines of communication, building on the success of our last build, the client was happy to give it a try. At the end, it took a few revisions, and a little hand holding to help the client figure out what their needs for the app were, but in the end a website build became two apps and a great relationship.


Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 6.57.31 PM