About Matt

I'm Matt.


I was the kid who took apart his parents vacuum without permission just to see how it worked. Who has broken into construction sites, employee-only lounges, and public streets just to get a better shot for his Instagram. The guy who sees no problem with installing a 2nd OS on his laptop in the middle of the night out of boredom. I’m the first one to strike up a conversation with someone others may be intimidated by, just because I’m truly interested in their story and what I can learn from it.

Ever since college, this nerd-obsessive way of life has turned to marketing and communication arts, with a strong interest in startups and helping to incubate new and exciting ideas.  I have taken detours along the way, spending a semester obsessed with graphic design and branding, another teaching myself how to develop websites and grow a social media fanbase. But it always points back to building a brand and pushing great ideas, great products, and great people to succeed.

I’ve always been excited to meet new people, figure out what their needs are, and discover how to make their message be heard. It’s not really about seeing advertising I’ve worked on up in lights, nor being part of a project whose goal is just to sell and make a buck– it’s knowing that I was a part of something that achieved what others thought was impossible.

It is my belief that nerds make the best kind of workers because we’re not afraid to try. We don’t let a lack of knowledge stand in our way. We open up Google, find out what we need to learn and make ourselves the experts. Designers have the pen, digital guys have code and the project managers keep it all running smoothly. But only a nerd will learn how to do it all. And when the next latest-and-greatest medium comes out, we’ll be standing there saying “Here’s that thing I was telling you about.”