You Say “Nerd” Like It’s A Bad Thing…

It is my belief that nerds make the best kind of workers because we’re not afraid to try. We don’t let a lack of knowledge stand in our way. We open up Google, find out what we need to learn and make ourselves experts. Designers have the pen, digital guys have code and the account service client whisperers keep it all running smoothly. But only a true marketing nerd will learn how to do it all. And when the next latest-and-greatest medium comes out, we’ll be standing there saying “Let’s give it a try!”

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1 day ago
The Doctor, but a bad guy. Shut up and take my money, @Disney

1 day ago
In before “Lebron want one where the logo changes” jokes. https://t.co/CvocgPNYT2 50inthe314 photo